Tree Removal

tree_smallThe City of Eustis’ Tree Protection and Preservation Ordinance (Ordinance #92-01) was adopted on February 6, 1992 and has been updated periodically since then.  Click HERE for current regulations.  The ordinance applies to all property located in the City and is intended to appropriately control the removal and preservation of protected trees. The ordinance requires that a Tree Removal Permit be obtained BEFORE the removal of any protected trees. 

permit application  and tree inventory must be submitted at the time of preliminary site plan or subdivision approval.  Permit applications/ tree inventory for single-family units are submitted with the building permit application.  Applications are available free of charge from the Development Services Department and the Building Department.

Conditions requiring permit Conditions that are Exempt

Street opening
Access to property
Use of property
Utilities and drainage 
Thinning of trees
Poor tree health
Tree removal

Agricultural use
Tree farm / plant nursery
Emergency conditions
Dead / diseased / fallen trees
Noxious / exotic species 
Endangering public/private property
Within approved utility easements
Public utilities

Confirm exemption with the Building Department  prior to removal.

When Protected Trees are removed without a permit, replacement at twice the DBH of the removed trees is required. The replacement trees shall be from the Approved Tree List, at least two and a half (2 ½) inches DBH and ten (10) feet tall at time of planting or equivalent payment.

For more information about tree removal in Eustis, please contact the Building Department at (352) 483-5462