Eustis Aquatic Center

Location: Contact:
250 Ferran Park Drive           
Eustis, FL 32726
Phone: (352) 357-3264
Pool & Splash Pad


Open/Public Swim & Splash Pad Info: 
Admission includes use of pool and splash pad. This time is for individuals who want to leisure swim, play, float, water jog, sunbathe, read, or lounge.
Lap Swim 
Admission fee applies to ALL guests entering the pool/splash pad area. 


Lap Swim Info & Reminders:
25 yard lap pool. This time is for individuals wanting to swim full lengths of the pool in order to train for competitions or do a workout for fitness. Increase cardiovascular fitness, blood circulation, strength, & flexibility while lowering stress levels.
Limited Lanes - sharing may be required.
Limit conversations.
Swim in designated lap lanes.

Safety Information

When the pool is cleared for thunder &/or lightning patrons must clear the pool deck. Patrons may wait in the restrooms, hallway, or front entrance area. SHOWERS ARE OFF LIMITS during these periods of weather activity. The lifeguards will allow patrons back into the pool after waiting a minimum of 30 minutes from the last thunder or lightning strike. THIS IS FOR PATRON & STAFF SAFETY.

Pool Rules

For everybody’s health, safety, & protection we ask all guests to observe the following rules:

  • Proper clean bathing suit attire is required to use the pool or enter splash pad wet zone. This should be items made for swimming.
    • Not Acceptable: T-shirts, tank-tops, boxers/underwear/bras/sport bras/non-aquatic undergarments, cotton shorts, cargo shorts, khakis, denim, cut offs, leotards/gymwear, pants, and dresses. These are NOT considered bathing suits. NO Thongs -- children are near.
    • Acceptable: Nylon or lycra bathing suit. Board shorts & nylon shorts. Tight fitting rashguards/swim-shirts. Hats.
  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear a swimsuit diaper/plastic pants & a swimsuit. Check diapers regularly. Use restrooms to change & dispose of diapers.
  • Do NOT swim if you have had diarrhea. This can cause others to become ill.
  • Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult or guardian. Please watch your child(ren). Lifeguards are not a replacement for your supervision.
  • SHOWER before entering pool or splash pad.
  • Food & drinks in designated area ONLY. Waters may be taken inside the facility.
  • NO RUNNING. Please walk.
  • NO jumping or diving.
  • NO alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes or vaporizers.
  • NO glass.
  • Use of sunscreen is encouraged for sun safety. Rule of thumb: apply sunscreen to dry skin 30 minutes before (re)entering water & rub in completely. Otherwise, it washes off, doesn’t protect you & coats the pool filters.
  • Tanning oils must be washed off with soap before entering water. NO iodine.
  • Non-service animals are prohibited. Service animals may not enter the water (or splash pad wet zone).
  • Pool noodles are permitted. But, please, no rings, floats, inner tubes, rafts, or water wings.
  • Coast Guard approved lifejackets (PFD’s) are encouraged for weak/non-swimmers’ safety. We have a few to loan.
  • All weak- or non-swimmer children must be supervised by an adult within arm’s reach while in the water at all times. Therefore, adult needs to be in the water.
  • Lifeguards may exclude anyone from the deep water who does not demonstrate sufficient swimming ability.
  • NO REFUNDS for weather.
  • NO climbing, hanging, sitting, or standing on water features & sprayers.
  • NO rough play, pushing, throwing people, or riding on shoulders.
  • Profane, vulgar, offensive & abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • Admission into the facility ends 20 minutes prior to closing time (meaning no entry).
  • Staff are not responsible for personal belongings.
  • Please don’t visit with or distract the lifeguards on surveillance duty with unnecessary conversation. Direct non-safety issues, questions, or concerns to the individual(s) at the service table.