City of Eustis Smoke Test of Sewer Lines

The City of Eustis Water/Wastewater Department and its consultant, Wright-Pierce, will be conducting smoke testing of the City’s sanitary sewer system or contributing private neighborhoods starting the week of June 1, 2020 and last approximately one week.  The test is being conducted to locate breaks and defects in the City’s sewer system for future repair and in return, help the City save money.  The smoke you may see coming from the vent stacks and roof leaders on houses or from holes in the ground is non-toxic, non-staining, has no odor, is white to gray in color, and creates no fire hazard.  The City will be coordinating efforts with the Eustis Fire Department and Police Department. 
City of Eustis Smoke Testing Layout for June 2020
The smoke testing will be performed in the following areas/neighborhoods:

I.            Bates Avenue Area

  • Grove Street from Bates Avenue to Pendleton Avenue
  • Bates Avenue from Grove Street to Palmetto Street
  • Floral Avenue east of Grove Street
  • Hawley Street from Hazzard Avenue to Phillis
  • Liberty Street (from Bates Avenue to Hollywood Avenue)
  • Pinkney Street (from Bates Avenue to Hollywood Avenue)
  • Reddick Street (from Bates Avenue to Hollywood Avenue)
  • Kensington Street (from Bates Avenue to Hollywood Avenue)
  • Gould Street (from Bates Avenue to Hollywood Avenue)

 II.            Southern Palms RV Resort
III.            Haselton Village
IV.            Area near SR 44 and 19

  • Pine Tree Drive, Pine Meadows Golf Course Road and homes connected to sewer on Timber Lane and Burrell Road.
  • Area along SR 19A south of SR 44, including Rosemont Manor Apartment, Devonshire, Lyn Terrace Apartments and Combat Café.

V.           Neighborhood encompassed by SR 44, SR 19A 
(Edgewater Circle, Edgewater Drive, Frosti Way, Frost Way, Jennifer Lane, Douglas Drive)

Smoke exiting your plumbing vent at the roof of your home is normal and is a verification that your plumbing vent is working properly and free of blockages.  It is important to note that smoke should not be entering your home unless you have defective plumbing or dried up plumbing traps.  Smoke could also enter your home if the wax ring under your toilet is defective and in need of replacement. 

It is advisable for the homeowner to pour a gallon of water into floor drains/other plumbing fixtures prior to our June 1st testing.  If smoke enters your home or business, this is a good indicator that sewer gases may also be entering your home or business. You should notify the City of Eustis Water Department (352) 357-5618, extension 1.  

We will assist with clearing the smoke from your home and determining the source of the smoke.   If you are not home and discover smoke when you return, please call the City of Eustis at (352) 357-5618, extension 1.  After hours calls should be placed to Eustis Police Department Business Line: (352) 357-4121.

Please Note: If there is any individual in your home or business who has respiratory problems and is immobile, please notify Peralie Burbank of Wright-Pierce at (207) 798-3731 prior to testing.

If your residence or business receives one of these door hangers, your sewer line will be tested. It is advisable to pour a gallon of water into your floor drains/other plumbing fixtures prior to June 1st. City employees and Wright-Pierce will have labeled shirts and I.D. for verification. 
Sample Door Hanger for Smoke Test