New Development Updates

The following provides the public with general information about public and private development in the City of Eustis.

Project Name

General Location

Project Description


Randazzo Storage Facility  2200 CR 452 29,300 sf outside (mini) storage facility w/future indoor storage Under Construction
Magnolia Street Apartments (aka Grove Place) NW Corner of Magnolia & Dewey 20-unit multi-family Final Construction Plans Under Review
Cove at Crooked Lake Lakeview Drive 17-single family dwelling units FECP Approved. Awaiting Pre-Constr. Meeting
Discount Tire US Hwy 441 8,192 sf retail building Under Construction
Dollar Tree SR 19, 700 ft. S. of CR 44 10,050 sf retail building DRC Site Plan Review
Eustis Retail Center, Pad E US Hwy 441/Spring Harbor Blvd 6,988 sf retail building; 14-units Under Construction
Cobb Commerce Park E CR 44, E of Hicks Ditch Rd 8-lots, 30 acres industrial park Constr. Completed. Lots for sale.
Eustis Senior Care ALF 228 N. Center St. 6,346 sq. ft. building addition On hold.  
Oakwood Apartments 1701 E. Orange 14 multi-family units; 1.16 acres Under Site Planning Review

Palmetto Plaza Phase II

NW corner of MacDonald Ave. and Palmetto St.

Restrooms, hardscape elements, parking and decorative pavement areas.

Under Construction

Popeye's Fast Food

SR 19, 700 ft. S. of CR 44

2,686 sf fast food restaurant with drive thru

DRC Site Plan Review

Storage Depot Expansion

16301 McKinnley Rd.

5 store units; 17,545 sf

Under Development Planning Review
Sunset Park Skate Park  NW Ward & Donnelly  Skate park Bowl & Plaza Under Construction
Universal Divide Subdivision Northside Orange Ave. between Glover & Cardinal 35-units; mixed-use; single attached & detached; 8.44 acres Preliminary Plat Review "On Hold"


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