New Development Updates

The following provides the public with general information about public and private development in the City of Eustis.

Project Name

General Location

Project Description


Randazzo Storage Facility Modification 2200 CR 452 Add fire tank and modify phasing schedule DRC Review (scheduled 1-9-18)
Magnolia Street Apartments (aka Grove Place) Corner of Magnolia & Dewey 20-unit multi-family Approved by City Commission 12-7-17
Discount Tire US Hwy 441 8,192 sf retail building Approved by City Commission 12-7-17
Eustis Retail Center, Pad E US Hwy 441/Spring Harbor Blvd 6,988 sf retail building Final Eng/Constr Plans, DRC Review
Cobb Commerce Park E CR 44, E of Hicks Ditch Rd Preliminary Plat; 8-lot, 30 acre industrial park Approved by City Commission 11-16-17. Final Eng. & Construction Plans pending.
Sunshine Grove Concept Plan Dillard Rd, S of Mt. Homer Rd 71 unit, affordable housing Multi-family Approved by City Commission 12-7-17
Donut Grove N. Grove St/Bates Ave Redevelopment of existing comm. Bldg DRC Review
Moye Storage Mt. Homer Rd. 5,250 sq. ft. personal storage On hold.
Randazzo Storage Facility 2200 CR 452 29,300 sq. ft. mini-storage facility Under construction (See Modification Above)
Eustis Senior Care ALF 228 N. Center St. 6,346 sq. ft. building addition On hold.  

Trout Lake Nature Center Access Drive and Parking

520 E CR 44  New access drive and parking area. 

Approved by City Commission 9/21/17. Final Engineering & Construction Plans pending.

Eustis Retail Center

US Hwy 441

5 building retail/restaurant

Under construction. Four buildings complete; final building pad application submitted. See above.

AeroDoor International 

2770 Dillard Road  

 21,179 sf building expansion

Revised plan; site work only under construction.

Trout Lake Hybrid Wetland Treatment Technology Facility

Hicks Ditch Road

Water treatment plant to reduce phosphorous in Trout Lake and reduce pollutant loading to Lake Eustis.

Under construction.

Palmetto Plaza Phase II

NW corner of MacDonald Ave. and Palmetto St.

Restrooms, hardscape elements, parking and decorative pavement areas.

CDBG received; Construction to be bid out soon.


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